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The Pirates Robert DArtagnan

The Pirates

Robert DArtagnan

Published April 10th 2001
Kindle Edition
308 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Can three aging friends revive their youthful friendship in a single daring move against what seems inexorable Fate?The Indians of North America customarily picked only certain buffalo from the herd for their kills...the aged and infirm.But what if those aging and infirm buffalo linked themselves together to fight back against their predators?That is the thought that motivates one of the three friends. He has  discovered something in a study of history books.  Something that makes him believe a fabulous treasure may lie just waiting for them to come and take it away. But...do they dare to meet the challenge and are they up to it? And is the idea of the treasure anyway perhaps just wishful thinking and at its base nothing more than illusion?And then Fate itself steps in, in a way that leaves them little choice if they ever hope to run free again...