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Str8 Gay Studs Bundle: Volume 1 Clay Daniels

Str8 Gay Studs Bundle: Volume 1

Clay Daniels

Kindle Edition
67 pages
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 About the Book 

What happens when straight men are turned gay for the first time? Take a look inside this book to find out!What do a conservative rich politician, a jock and a university student have in common? They are all about to have their first gay experience!This bundle contains three erotic shorts:Becumming The GovernorJust what lengths will a gay reporter go to in order to convince a conservative governor to support gay marriage???Newly elected governor Tray Atkinson has everything. Billionaire Tray was born into a rich old money family, is ivy league educated and married to a beautiful wife. One thing Tray doesnt have is tolerance for gay rights issues. When a reporter insists on changing Trays stance on gay marriage, he offers to do anything he can to get the job done.What will it take to convince Tray to cum to the other side on this issue? This erotic short story contains acts of gay MMM interracial threesome menage activity!No Homo“It’s not gay if you say ‘no homo’” said Jerome, his hand on my thigh. Those words would turn my world upside down, propelling me into my first gay experience.I always wanted to be like Jerome. One of the most popular guys at our college, Jerome is an alpha male, a jock, a football star and a womanizer. Oh yeah, and he also hates my guts. When I get the news that I have to stay at Jerome’s house for a week, I’m worried about his cruelty. Never could I have imagined that Jerome would have much more loving intentions for me.This short erotic story contains steamy gay MM first time interracial romance.Anal EducationCan a professor teach his student more than just the course curriculum???Deon is a young black student starting courses at a community college. Nate is a mature white professor who is seasoned in teaching students.Nate wants to teach Deon More than just his course curriculum. Will Deon submit?This erotic short contains steamy gay MM interracial acts of oral and anal sex, done hard and without protection! Proceed with caution!!